Electricians in Construction


Many persons are wisely selecting a career as a construction apprentice. The construction apprenticeship provides its learners with many details about the trade. However, it is essential that the person interested in pursuing work in the industry attain a basic understanding of electronics. The text following provides details why the preceding fact is essential.

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Persons familiar with the construction industry know that attaining a basic education in electronics as it pertains to the job-site is essential:

The primary reason construction personnel require basic training in electricity is safety. The fact is many construction apprentices are unaware of potential hazards when it comes to electricity that are present in their work environment. This vulnerability is a danger and a fatality may result when a construction apprentice does not receive proper training and knowledge relative to electricity. The employer is wise to instruct his apprentice that proper recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions is part of his or her training program. Many persons, on a world-basis have recognised hazardous conditions or environments when properly trained with respect to electricity and then addressed them accordingly.

The list that follows demonstrates the need for the apprentice to attain a basic knowledge of electricity:

- He or she must be made aware of ground-fault protection on the construction site. This knowledge helps his employer or employees responsible for electrical equipment to provide protection against exposure to 120 volt electrical hazards at the job site.

- There are many outreach training programs that exist providing the construction apprentice the training that is key in avoiding and preventing safety and health hazards in his or her workplace. These procedures are needed in order to provide an extra layer of proper protection.

- Electricity knowledge is undoubtedly necessary for the apprentice. Electrical related accidents are preventable when training is attained. The statistic for persons without this essential training is notable. It is important to address all the fundamentals of electricity and proper procedures in order to assure persons at the job site are, once again, kept safe.

- Health issues prevail when issues regarding occupational safety, relative to basic electrical training is not addressed. Here is an example: Some persons have attained a health issue described as WMSD. This is a disorder within the musculoskeletal system. This disorder comes about in the mechanical and electrical trades. The point is it is essential that all stakeholders in the construction industry receive proper electrical training so nowhere down the road the disorder, as just described, becomes an issue.

- Crane operators in the construction industry are at risk. These operators come exceptionally close to overhead power lines. Hazards such as these can result in fatalities, so not only is a basic knowledge of electronics very necessary, places where possible fatalities can result must be recognised and standard operating procedures and safety precautions need to be addressed.

- Hydraulic hoses are another risk factor. Many construction workers have been burned or fatalities have resulted when using the metal-reinforced hoses. The preceding unfortunate events occurred when using aerial bucket trucks near power lines that were energised. It is essential that the construction apprentice attain proper training in electricity so he or she realises that metal and power lines are not a good mix; and to ensure that the area, prior to the work performed, is made safe.

- Some workers moved their scaffolding too close to energised lines. A respect for electricity or lines that are energised is necessary in order to maintain worker safety. Persons in the construction industry with a basic knowledge of electricity know that playing it safe is essential and a course provides much in the way of keeping the work area safe, and provides general knowledge about how to use electricity properly within the job setting.

In Conclusion:

Learning about electricity is essential for the construction apprentice in order to keep him or her safe. It is also necessary he or she know how to properly handle all of the electrically charged devices and equipment used within the industry in order to not only to stay safe himself but to keep other personnel safe too,.